No I don’t have advice on where you should buy leads.
(that was an industry non specific statement)
Glengarry Glen Ross was made in 1992.
If you are buying leads you better be living in 1992.
Historical facts:
Businesses ruin every platform.
Radio, TV, Billboards, Facebook…
The list goes on.
How were these platforms ruined?
Invasive spam pop-up impermissible advertising.
Put shortly, companies annoyed everyone into not interacting with them by shoving their service or product in everyone’s face.
You will watch the cascading effect of this as the years go on and Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram change.
As a society we always start out interested in marketing if we want something.
The problem is there are so many choices all marketing feels loud.
Social media is where people pay attention.
This makes it just media for marketers.
The problem is it just means social for people and their personal relationships.
It has been so bad everyone now has the option of blocking ads.
This is why we created ((insert sphere learn more link)
My one minute advice:
Big companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers.
Deal with the reality of the situation…
Your money is no good.
Not when it is purposed in any traditional sense.
If that makes you feel emotional-get over it.
If you don’t get over it, you will be out of business in 5 years.
I have been successful in scaling my businesses because I am totally unemotional about what works and what doesn’t work.
I just want to win.
My winning looks like this:
Companies hire my company to shake things up for the sake of growth.
As a result my clients increase their market share and profits.
Not sometimes, every time.
That is it.
That is all my company does.
That’s all I care about.
That is why I work every.
I have a very clear focus for you
My mind is always on you.
I can sleep at night and be this brutally honest because the people that don’t get it I don’t work with.
I can’t care more about the future of your company than you do.
For the companies that have committed to winning and have chosen us…
You get us until you win.
We will show you how to drive real attention to you.
We will help you drive real trust to your workforce.
I am so grateful to be able to say I only work with people who are ready to win.
#strikeamatch #houseofhustle #thoughtsbecomethings
My one sentence truth:
Your ability to build, increase and retain real attention is what counts.

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