It just clicks.

When someone understands what you need it makes anything feel possible.

I hope we are in that place.

I am so proud of the way my company started.

I have been in the trenches with you and for you.

I promise it was and always will be work that is done all for you.

The way I see it…

If we are both working hard to make you successful we will make it happen.

The blogs to come this second part of our year will be the summation of lessons I have learned on the road of scaling my own business.

You are free to take the advice I have bruised myself collecting for you.

You can also brush off what doesn’t resonate and collect your own growing pains on a path that makes more sense for you.

So long as your goal is to grow you are still in the right place.

So long as you are pushing your comfort zone to get somewhere you haven’t been before…

I am with you.

So let’s begin…again.

Forget everything you knew about marketing.

Those still clinging for dear life to a dead marketing strategy will figure it out the same way Nicole Kidman did in “The Others” movie.

All efforts to prevent the inevitable by holding a market captive is like getting on a 30th-floor elevator and cutting the wire instead of going along with a ride.

Remember when Nicole thought the noises in her house we’re ghosts only to find out she was the ghost?

Yes. That’s the moment most marketers haven’t faced yet.

Don’t worry, this won’t impact you.

I have checked and rechecked to make sure my numbers are right.

The system my company is using is working even though we may be the only ones getting the formula right and are committed not to robbing you blind.

6,500 % return on your investment is the way the right marketing works now.

Yes, you are reading that right.

As a company, we haven’t even started marketing our marketing but our sales are trending high.

When you buy a stock. The above statements are what you are wanting to know.

Why is it no one else is showing their data to the people who deserve to know what they are buying?

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