If we want something different to happen we must:

Lower our tolerance for making excuses.

Work actively and with purpose towards discovering answers to problems, then go to work on them.

Solutions based thinking leads to productivity, wealth, happiness, success and sales.

When we place blame we have jumped on the hamster wheel.

This does not mean that someone or something is not to blame.

It just means the activity of “blame” does more damage to our productivity than quitting.

When we blame our hope is diminished.

Instead, consider what happened

No, it was not ideal.

No it was not a happy ending.

We have to remind ourselves that every beginning starts because something else has ended.

There is no more work to be done on the past.

We have to accept it as done and learning from it.

After we accept it, we must immediately move on.

Do we know anyone who has dwelled on a past event for years and experienced feelings of hope from dwelling?


To get more we must make our inner voice our advocate instead of our adversary.

Use experiences as lessons and resist making past events the justification for putting walls up.

One situation that ended badly does not have to indicate that all future situations will end the same way.

The reason we feel like we keep experiencing the same old results is because we EXPECT to experience the same result because of the emotional damage from the first bad ending.

Thoughts become things.

That which we anticipate.

That which we dwell on will happen.

That can be very good or very bad.

Next time something goes wrong, we will vow to let it be.

Actively decided to let it go.

Actively decide we will believe in our own tenacity.

We will not just get back up physically…


Get back up on the inside.

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