noun: glitch; plural noun: glitches
1. a sudden surge of current. Usually a temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment. A brief or sudden interruption or surge.

A glitch as we see them in everyday life is something like a misfire or a temporary set back. They tend to be a quick snafu, a mishap, or a flaw. The point is that the nature of a glitch in the traditional sense is that it can be stabilized rapidly. The remediation of a likely glitch occurs so fast that we do not call it a problem.

At least that is how most glitches work.

We see a new era of glitches popping up as we gaze from a macro perspective on the unravelling of traditional business support beams across the world.

We have decided to call these malfunctions Check Mate Glitches. These glitches occur when a company makes a decision that has the potential to take them out. Our philosophy is that in this economic environment of hyper connectivity and mass awareness that it is our own decisions that will yield us the highest probability of winning or loosing.

Businesses are placing themselves in a positions where the marketplace says “Check Mate” and their game ends. This does not happen because the internet is evil. The internet is neither good nor bad in nature. Only humans bring nature to the table. With this in mind, a company makes a decision and that decision then goes live for the world to see.

The internet will expedite your good decisions which make up great brand stories.
The internet will also expose bad decision and share that story at lightning speed.
Either way, the stories you create are composed from the series of decisions you make.
All of these stories will travel on the word of mouth express train that is the internet.
Word will travel fast and then it will loom there as long as word of mouth keeps it suspended in googles most seen content algorithm for capturing attention. The looming nature of what uses to be a bad decision that could be covered up gives the Check Mate Glitch its longer duration.

It is the length of story exposure that your decision initiates that will ultimately place you in the vulnerable check mate position.

Let’s apply this to a real world situation:

We have seen a trend bubbling up for a few years amongst businesses that spend a lot of money on changing their branding. Unfortunately this trend is just getting warmed up and it will likely put some long time key players in a check mated position faster than if they did nothing.

First, lets talk about branding.
Branding is far more than a logo. Branding is the feelings that are triggered in the marketplace as a collective when we see your logo. In this way a new logo for a brand does nothing more than bring awareness to what stories you are putting out for the marketplace to feel out.

Click Here for an article and a deeper break down example of a decision gone wrong.

For the short cut-keep reading.

To summarize the article above:
Paying 250K in 2018 to a company outside of the state you represent is a bad story to have looming over your organization. Another bad decision that this branding represents is a decision making process that keeps blowing our minds. Companies seem to have this instinctual to get their new website, branding, or whatever from a company whose proposition value is “we make this for all companies in your industry”. In other words, you may have a hard time getting the better logo made in your industry when the company you pay $250k to does ALL the logos in the industry. How did you think you could stand out when you are buying a supposedly stand out product from a company that literally would go out of business if they delivered you something different from their other clients?

How to avoid the Check Mate Glitch factor:

Think about everything you do as if it was being done in front of a live audience of millions of people who will judge you on everything that they see.

It is important to think this way because that is exactly what is happening-many of you just do not realize it yet.

Next we will talk about how to use the Check Mate Glitch to your brands favor. Good news, there is a ton of upside to this if you are willing to do what is necessary to lead the pack.



Written by: Alexandra Gretter CEO, CDM Think Tank

#strikeamatch #cdmthinktank #raleighbusiness

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