If we developed the technology to read thoughts, would that be fundamentally good or bad?
Currently, the Internet is has everyone’s finger pointing at it as the main cause for good people gaining a sudden bad reputation.
I disagree with this rational because it is not rational.
The Internet is neither good nor bad.
The internet simply connects and directs.
The content of the internet is 100% a human output.
People are just being exposed for who they are when they are in the laundry room.
We all have a laundry room us that comes out when we are outside of the laundry room.
For some people they are always the same person who is on their laundry room.
This is why the internet is not fundamentally bad. The internet just opening the door of total visibility to what people used to be able to keep in the laundry room?
Whoever that person is has gained visibility with the internet-good or bad.
So if we feel that way about the Internet how will we feel if artificial intelligence exposed every thought, feeling, and emotion experienced by everyone?
Would that make you comfortable?
The path this hypothetical scenario for me ends at one main fundamentally human characteristic:
As people we blame things outside of ourselves for causing perceived bad outcomes.
As people we attribute good outcomes with things that are mostly within ourselves.
This judgment and causal relationship is a survival instinct.
We would have not made it far as humanoids if we didn’t want to be thought highly by ourselves and society.
The species depends on loving ourselves and others.
For some, this means they have to hide their true nature so they live this picture they have portrayed in their stories that now live online.
For others, the sheer fact that we live in a world where they can live their stories in front of the world will lift them up immediately to the highest respect.
The catalyst is us.
You and me.
Who we are when no one is looking.
That person that is offline in the laundry room
That it you.
The internet can show who you are if whoever you are in the laundry room comes outside with you.
The way to no caring about hiding is to not hide.
The way to virtue is to be virtuous.
The way to show love is to show love and not just think it.
It is binary.
More than ever before-you should be who you are in the shower or another place where you are just being.
More than ever it is time to look ourselves in the mirror and just embrace our true character and own it.
Cowards hide.
…and you are not a coward.
I promise if you are human there is another human that will understand.
-Alex G

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