Feeling a deep need to predict the future freezes some of us in the mental misery of the “what if” game.

This can apply to many situations.

Maybe the person you loved was self-destructive and hurt you so deeply during a vulnerable period of your life that the experience has left you traumatized and has paralyzed your ability to trust.

Maybe in order to keep growing professionally you will have to disrupt other people’s dependance on you.

The decisions and leaps of faith you make are yours. 

No one on earth can judge you on the way you make a decision unless you allow them.

The world may respond in a way that makes you feel judged but that is only valid so far as you allow it to be.

Your own past can so easily become what you analytically judge the character of others on rather than letting your Emotional intuition preside over your judgment. This, of course, can work in reverse if you are more the intuitive persuasion.

Those with deep emotional intuition allow their heart to make an emotional decision when it comes to the big calls in life.

I won’t debate which method of decision making is better because I can’t.

You are the judge and the jury of what you decide to do.


Likely, you will need both your head and your heart to start talking openly about their communication problems.

There is a reason we think and feel with both our heads and our hearts.


Full disclosure and pure probability: 

I know that despite how hard we try we all will continue to fail sometime.

Silver lining:

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Here is what you may find helpful:

The future is not this far off place we arrive at one day and proclaim “ok here we are in the future”.

The future is today.

Inside every decision you make in the present, you are inside of the future.

There is no predicting the future and there is no arrival date.

What you seek is seeking you.

There is only the doing and the deciding in the right now.

Every now moment is the future.

You are living the future you created out of the decisions you made yesterday.

The future we desire is what we do with today.

All of these actions track to our current state and the current state is the future we have made given every single situation we have been a part of before today.

Food for thought: 

Do not let yourself become sidetracked by secondary activity.

Secondary activity is anything that does not positively influence the day-like worrying.

The definition of worry is experiencing failure and disappointment in advance.

There is no magic wand to tell you how your life will end up.

If you maximize the enjoyment and good you can do in the now and truly be generous at heart- the rest will take care of itself.

You have greatness within you.

Find the thing that allows you to quiet your mind and you will experience a well of energy inside of you that you won’t be able to explain.

Continue moving forward.

Get up when you fall.

Do it with enthusiasm.

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