People have a perception of who you are the instant they encounter you.

This can be a good, bad or ugly moment.

Either way, it will create a story in the eyes of other people

Many of us perceive this as an obstacle rather than an opportunity.

Today we will begin to remove the first impression obstacle. 

First, you should know that controlling the perception of others will depend on your effort.


All I can do is give you information.

Unfortunately, information is not power.

Information is dormant potential.

You must do the work to empower yourself.

and most importantly, 

You must step outside your comfort zone.

(IF) Do the following and you win.

1. Adapt in order to impact the impressions you make on other people.

People who perform in theatre productions do this every night.

2. Strangers shouldn’t judge you on sight.

That won’t change the fact that they do.

Constantly being observed can be a gift if you embrace it.

3. It may not feel fair that strangers immediately judge you.

That won’t change the fact that they do.
Fighting this reality is futile.

4. Never spend time resenting things that are out of your control. 

5. The obstacle is not that people make immediate judgments about you.
The obstacle is that you think you have no control over someone’s perception of you.

You are in control of the impressions you make.

In most situations, we know what sensory information creates a particular perception. 

Meaning, we can change the impressions we make by creating new sensory information for people to observe.

Here is a practical timeline of how a perception is created about you:

(Intro movie beginning noise, maybe cinema noise) The person observing you has a memory bank of observations and experiences they have had in the past.

Your movements, sounds, and appearance all create a perception in their head about who you are.

They piece together the new sensory signals you are giving off and unconsciously compare them to people they have observed in the past.

The way you walk, talk or act will trigger pieces of other interactions they have had and a new story will fill in the blanks. (fast scattered footsteps) 

If you want to impact someone’s perception of you all you have to do is give their 5 senses purposeful messages that trigger what you want from this person’s memory bank.

Think of the sensory messages that would tell the best story about you. (slow footsteps

Ask yourself, what is the story you want to tell about yourself?

If you are going to impact another person’s perception, you had better know how you want to be seen.

Take a moment and think about what you want people to think of you when they encounter you.

Think about what you wish they thought about you.

You and I both know we want other people to think highly of you.

What I don’t know…

What I won’t be convinced of…

Is how you can expect to be treated differently without doing the work.

And it is work.

It is a conscious, deliberate and determined effort you must make for people to see you in your best light.

Here is what changing how you are perceived comes down to…

It’s never been easier to command respect.

If you are not getting what you want out of your work and your life.

You have to change it.

I can help you with the How.

But you have to be your own WHY

If you feel you deserve it.

Represent it. 


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