Aggression and panic will never be a match for subtle confidence.

Panic’s weakness is that it is telling.

On the polar opposite of the emotional wheel, you will find composure.

The silent poise and subtle confidence of the composed person are magnetic qualities.

composure leaves room for good interpretation because there is nothing we can see visibly overpowering a poised person.

The observer is left with no choice but to wonder…

“What is this person thinking?”

“Why are they so nonreactive?”

The mysterious nature of composure can be authoritative and yet paradoxically calm at the same time.

When the rest of the world overreacts, the poised individual waits and then responds.

They may not respond right away but when they do it is more likely the better way.

Calm and considerate people good to have around.

These are people we would not mind following.

(hint: show me your friends and I can show you your future.)

Being poised is easier if you have a good understanding of what is going on around you and why it is going on.

Recognition of opportunities and threats requires a state of mind that is at rest and not vulnerable to raw emotion.

The poised person thinks of the possible outcomes several decisions could bring.

Their reactions are what is controlled about them.

If you are in the service business and selling something of high value (like homes) your clients may feel they are at the mercy of a lot of economic factors outside of their control.

Factors like interest rates, supply and demand can panic people quickly.

You will have a hard time comforting these people if the same factors send you into the same panic.

It is good to remind yourself:

  1. You are always in control of presenting information.
  2. You are the sounding board and the guide but not responsible for any final decision.
  3. No matter what happens the answer is action. Keep moving. Sometimes things will not end in your favor but if you keep moving other opportunities will come.

Calm well thought out actions happen as a result of making well-informed decisions and not by waiting around for some other figurative “what if” shoe to drop.

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