I am a virtue.

I am the main reason when you get knocked down…you will not stay down.

I am elastic.

I have the capacity to help you recover from difficulties.

And once I recover you…I come back even stronger to support you.

I will not let failure overcome you.

I regulate your emotions.

I exist only to provide you with clarity.

I will not let you quit.

Even after misfortune, I will show you how to soldier on.

I can change the course of your future.

I can show you how to adapt to abrupt changes.

Adversity is something I expect from life, and I am unafraid of the future.

I accept that fear is a part of life, and will help you face your fears.

I will help you build skill to get you through hardships.

Once you make me a part of your life I will not leave you.

I will take the pain out of loss and turn it into motivation.

I am your most supportive habit.

My goal is for you to persevere.

I will be your hero if you will be a champion of my cause.

My cause is you.

I am resilience.

The outside world is full of rejection…the better you are at brushing it off the better off you will be.

Rejection is not real. 

Rejection is a story of one person not quite ready to catch what another person is pitching.

Rejection is not an excuse to quit.


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