Embracing discomfort when you are building something is a requirement for pushing past pain barriers.

Pain barriers signal us to stop because it is uncomfortable.

The problem with stopping:

We will never reaching our full potential.

Most people at the edge of the pain barrier ask the same question:

“Is this pain going to be worth it?”

Fear will always be the first to answer.

And for most people it shouts.

“No way! Don’t do it! Don’t believe… Turn back”.

But for people who are driven by ambition, the answer they hear is always the opposite.

They hear:

“It will be worth it…have faith”.

They dispose of all “what if” thinking.

They jump will full force into the unknown.

Because they have faith.

They believed they could do it.

Which is exactly why they were able to do it.

They have so much faith that the pain barriers are tolerable.

They internalize the discomfort through the filter that faith provided.

Faith in what?…

It does not matter what they have faith in. It matters what you have faith in…

If you want to be in the top tier of personal success you will have to get comfortable with discomfort.

The human body is the best example of this.

The effort you put in is what eventually takes form.

Granted, genetics play a roll.

But if you fall into the average category…which most of us do.

The outcome of your physical body is what you do with your body.

Athletes do not experience less pain than non-athletes.

The difference is how they internalize discomfort and pain.

The pain barrier is where most people stop.

In exercise or on the job.

When we feel we have hit a limit for discomfort we back off.

It is that pesky self preservation instinct.

Animal instincts are not concerned with being the best we can be.

Instincts care about being what we need to be to survive and experience as little discomfort as possible.

Going past that point is unique to only our species.

Wanting to push ever forward.

That is human.

Ambition is the characteristic that separates us from other species.

To truly follow through with your ambitions…

You have to change the way you deal with discomfort.

You have to have faith enough to know…

It is after the most difficult experiences that you will enjoy the fruits of “more than just survival” labor.

You have to have an attitude of ambition.

To endure beyond all temporary fear.

To go past the point where you would give anything to stop.

To push beyond what feels natural.

To universally apply “pushing past” to all aspects of your life.

If getting beyond the pain barrier isn’t a habit you will out think reaching your goals.

Once you pass one pain barrier then you move to the next.

Elite success is not achieved with becoming comfortable.

After some practice with “pushing limits”… all the after moments of the hardest work paying off start to replace how painful the pain was.

It is a paradigm shift when you begin to associate discomfort with “good”.

Very few people experience what is beyond the pain barrier because fear does a good job of holding us back from the best opportunities.


You alone are the only one who can get you through the hardest moments in life because only you can feel the difficulty as you go through something.

Other people can be there for you and supportive.

But you have to do the work.

You are the one.

#strikeamatch #keepbuildingtheship

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