Home is where the heart is.

It is also where the heart rests, heals and gets ready to go again tomorrow.

It is simple really.

Home is where we all should be able to go and find peace.

Even if that peace feels like the chaos of loud children and a spouse.

It is ours.

Anyone who has bought a home or watched a friend buy a home has witnessed the over-complication of details surrounding people in search of their next home.

The details and jargon and stress that surround this process can cloud the reason we started our hunt in the first place.

To find home.

To fulfill a very personal need.

Most large sales fulfill a need.

Money matters but feelings are the decision makers.

No one in sales should shy away with connecting people back to their feelings in the moments where stress has taken a hold on the situation.

There is a tendency to want to avoid feelings but in every close I have watched fall apart it is because feelings were not acknowledged when things got a little unhinged.

Do not underestimate the power of acknowledging feelings.

It is well known that the heart can lead us through incredibly challenging situations.

It can do almost anything because it is fueled by what it loves the most.

“The heart wants what the heart wants” is a saying that literally offers up zero logic and yet we accept it because we know the feeling.

And since we have all been there in that feeling at one time or another and so, we concede.

No matter what you are selling.

The next time you have a client who is starting to doubt or if you sense they are settling for less than will make them happy just to end the situation or disappear from the situation.

Ask them:

“In a perfect world…what would you want the result of this to be?”

They will tell you what they want and you will have to tell them if you can deliver or not. My guess is you can deliver. The only thing that will be required of them is that they continue to trust you and let go of the details for you to manage. You will need them to breathe and trust you to get this done.

If you know your deal is losing its momentum to doubt then you have to reintroduce the heart of the matter.

Go for the heart and level with them. Tell them again that you are not going to let them settle for less than the best.

Most of us agree that the end justifies the means.

Most people just need help getting there.



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