Most people measure their talent by how quickly they can achieve something or how well they are able to talk people into things.

That makes them feel important.

Notice the main entity of importance for how they consider success: “them”

How well they can convince others.

It is the wrong motivation and keeps the wrong entity a priority.

It is the wrong motivation because quick convincing rarely leaves the client with warm fuzzies.

More often a quick decision push also leaves people with  an unexpected aftermath of an irreversible decision.

What if success was measured by:

How reassured you made people feel?

Showing others what they are capable of accomplishing?

How you are able to keep hope alive for people?

How you can help people realize their dreams?

Be more than happy to let sharks tell you life is “sink or swim”.

Let them circle around in the water.

Burning energy and showcasing their strength to clients they treat like prey.

Let them swim and circle.

Even tell them they “sure do look strong”.

And if they ever invite you to jump in the water and learn to be successful like them…

Tell them you are just fine staying where you are…

Picking up passengers that are thankful that you crossed their path.

Because you are the owner of the lifeboat.

Welcoming everyone on board.

Saving them from the “impressive” man eating sharks.

The sharks will think you are weak for not wanting to be like them…



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