You get “do overs” in life.

All the time.

It is a misconception that you won’t get them.
It is a misconception because we are used to hearing: “if I could go back in time I would do things so differently”
But you do not need to bend time.
The only possible way to repeat the past is to make the same past mistakes in your future.
So just make a change.
Even fractional changes will do.
Making Small adjustments each time.
Learning from the situations you would approach differently.
There will always be another situation in the future you can apply that wisdom too.
It is as close to a “do over” as you or I will ever get.
Every passing moment is another chance to turn future outcomes into success stories.
If you couldn’t deliver the outcome a client wanted…
It is in the past.
But please do not dwell.
Your future clients need confident you.
They need the wiser and resilient you.
They NEED you to help them with their success story.
No one cares about the past once you start getting things right. 
Don’t you know?
Life is one stream of do overs.
We learn as we go. 
Keep going. 

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