Manners are free to acquire.

Also, once acquired they require you do less verbal convincing that you are a professional person.

They are an investment in your own respect for what you do.

Paid through your effort.

Manners are visible, and scarce.

Making it easier for you to stand out amongst your competition if you have them.

Consider that the way we communicate is mostly non-verbal.

Physical manners are an important preamble that represent what you might say verbally.

Consequently, you may not get a fair chance at being heard if you do not make a good impression visually.

Our lives are fast paced.

Because of that, we “cut” out certain things that we deem less worthy of our time.

But if you want to stand out as an individual who should be picked over another to do business with then you  actually have to stand out.


It doesn’t matter if the world standard for looking and acting  professional has taken a nosedive.

Deep down it doesn’t matter one bit how ironed your clothing is.

Not at the core of you.

Not when discussing the true meaning of life.

But to have the best opportunity to show the core values you possess to other people…

Dressing sharp and being polite in the way you carry yourself will never be out of style.

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