The standard level of service we experience as consumers is not great.

It also is not terrible.

Most of the time it is acceptable.

It is acceptable based on the few experiences we have had that represent both great and terrible service.

The average of all our experiences as time marches on has defined what is acceptable.

Our standards for what we will pay money for has been set by the world going on around us.

It basically works like this in the consumer brain: We don’t know where else to get what we want, so we settle for what is available.

It is in our nature.

However, there is some good news about human nature amidst this conditioned surrender.

Human nature wants more.

The want is always there.

Laying dormant.


We may not always have the time or energy to figure out how to get more…

But when we see it.

We recognize it.

We want it.

But there is the catch.

If you want to be the provider of a new standard of good or service in your field:

You won’t ever be able to say “me too” again at an industry cocktail party.

This is why:

Let’s say you are a Realtor you will eventually find yourself knowing other “Realtors”.

You will find yourself talking to those people and getting to know their products.

After you talk to enough people who say “me too” when you tell them what you do, you will find you now have a problem saying “me too” once you know what they do.

You will have a problem if you think the standards of most people in your field are not good enough for the consumer.

You will have a problem when you compare the standard service they deliver and the service you deliver and you realize saying “me too” no longer makes any sense.

The truth:

This is a great realization.

This is a problem you should hunt down, capture, feed ideas too and make your personal mascot.

The very thing most people settle for because there is nothing else is the very thing you can build a scale worthy brand out of if you have the nerve to raise the industry bar.

When you see there is no more similarity in their “similar” work and your work than you have in common with an astronaut…

That is the clarity superior service is built on.

Noticing the obvious, and doing something about it.

The holy grail of brand building is often just seeing the lack there of and filling the void with what needs to be there.

If you are interested in something more than just making an industry standard include you too…

If you are Interested in your name lasting because you make positive changes for the people and businesses you work with…

If you are ready to stand out and handle the initial confusion that setting a new standard requires…

You will have to find a new job title for yourself.

That is just part of being the kind of person who was never meant to be a “me too”.


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