It doesn’t matter what location you work in.

Or how many referrals your best clients send on your behalf.

It does NOT matter that you are consistent.

That you go above and beyond in your service.

Or, that you make the average freelancer/contractor look like an amateur.

It doesn’t matter.

There will always be someone who asks you to take a commission cut.

There isn’t a set quota for how many prospective clients you will have to deal with and never have to deal with again after that imaginary number is met.

There will always be another client who asks you to take less. 

Even after you build a loud and proud reputation for never agreeing to take a cut in commission…

There will still be people asking you to take less. 

The title of this is “End the haggle over your commission for good”

The operative word is “Haggle”.

To Haggle: dispute or bargain persistently, especially over the cost of something.

There is one way to prevent having to haggle with prospect/clients…


Haggling is a two-player sport.

So if you refuse to be the other player, there is no game to be played.

The handling of the not haggling is what you need to do professionally.

Contrary to the movies, there are offers that you can refuse. (Godfather reference…sorry : )

This is not the movies.

You do not have to do anything you do not want to do.

Yet, some clients will still try.

Here is how open you should feel about commission cuts:

You have to decide you will not take a cut in your commission.

Not for any special circumstance.

Not if you represent two parties in a deal.

Not for a cousin.

Not for anyone or ever.

Here are some reasons why:

#1. Your job is difficult and you are worth every Penny.

#2. If you take less money from one client, you risk your brand forever being viewed as an exception maker, discount provider, or both.

Now…those are your reasons.

No offense, but the prospect asking you to take a commission cut doesn’t care about your image.

They want to spend less money.

It isn’t that they are cold hearted necessarily…

Or that they want anything bad to happen to you.

They just care about themselves more than their concern for your brand.

And so, when you tell them you will not take less money for doing your work, you have to put it in terms that they can relate to…them


In response to the question, “will you take ½ the commission”: 

Agent response:  “If I were to take half the commission I am worth I would have to do only 25% of what I do for my clients.  You may be thinking why %25 and not %50 since you have offered me half? If I accept less than %100 of what I am worth I will have to treat you with the degree of service I imagine the majority of people in my field operate at when providing a “discount” compared to my level of professionalism. I imagine that unfortunately most people paying a discount broker get service that is about %25 of my service.  That is just a guess of course because I spend no time thinking about what other people do.  For me, I give %100 percent to my clients because my clients are worth it.  So I cant take a cut in commission for two reasons, one- I am worth it.  And two, I would hope you think you are worth the best service available too. I understand you are making a large monetary investment with this transaction, which is precisely why you should protect that investment by having me on board should you want the best service available protecting your investment.”

It can feel personal when people take a shot at your commission.

Most people do not do it out of disrespect.

They do it out of self-interest.

After all, it isn’t your brand they need to be concerned with protecting.

That is your concern.

Your best bet is to make your brand a reflection of what they feel they deserve.

If you tell them they deserve more than what a discount buys

their self-interest may put their haggling to rest.

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