Interest is what you pay to rent money that isn’t yours.
Borrowing money is seen as a win-win.
You get the money you need now and the bank ends up with more money at the end of the deal for renting you their money.  
With payments and money, we can physically see that this system can work and be good for everyone before engaging in the deal.  
Generosity is different.
Generosity usually means you are willing to do something and not expect to be paid back.
The good news is you can be generous without it costing you any money.
There is generosity in listening deeply to someone’s concerns.
There is generosity in being patient and explaining things again.
Generosity shows us that it isn’t always a monetary investment that has the best return.
Most of us can loan someone a dollar when we stand to earn two in return.
Something phenomenal happens when you give without thinking about what you will receive in return.


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