Having value behind your motives means doing groundwork.


Groundwork on yourself.

Motives are the seeds we sew in hope of reaping our future success.

The value behind your motives determines what kind of success you can expect to reap.

People can have success with bad motives.

Happens all the time.

But truly sustainable success almost always comes from honesty and wanting to do right by other people.

You cant cut many corners when you start from this place.

It is going to be hard work.

But it will be good work too.

Rewarding work.

The kind of work people will refer to their friends.

The kind of work that is hard to retire from.

Not because eventually, you won’t be ready to retire (because you will be).

It is just that when you begin with value at your core, it ends up reaching the core of many other people.

Spiraling, spreading and reaching in every direction.

You will be ready to retire if you live a life like this.

The problem will be everyone who has come to know your core service value won’t want you too.

That is a good retirement problem.

“If you help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want” Zig Zigglar

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