You can’t exactly live without it.

And sometimes it’s possible get so upset with it that you feel like you can’t live with it.

What a colossal oxymoron.

But the reality is, you have to keep trying and living with it to keep on the pursuit of happiness.

It sort of goes with the territory of pursuing-figuring it out.

But maybe it’s time to stop trying to be so impatient while figuring it out.

It’s not like there is just one way to do it.

In fact, there are many ways to do and figure out what to do about the things we go through as we go through life.

And even if you feel like you have found a good path to take and that you have figured it all out…

The world can still throw a pandemic or an economic crisis in the way of your plan.

Something out of your control.

That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the possibility of better times and good times with people we love is what we all strive and keep trying for.

Maybe figuring life out is really about figuring out how to find happy moments as we re-adjust and move forward in the stop-and-go parts of life.

There are countless examples that show that figuring out how to be happy is less about the things you chose to do and more about how you adjust to the things that happen.

Because you can be sure things will go wrong.

And you can also be sure that if you keep adjusting and trying-things will go right again.

Since the universal goal we all share is to find happiness we may as well find happiness in the figuring it out.

Until we figure it out.

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