We like the feeling of newness because there is a feeling of hope that accompanies it.

Everything that might come feels like an opportunity.

There is a fresh air feeling to the beginning or a plan.

We hold onto the moments that feel hopeful and new to balance out the memories we have of times where things didn’t go the way we wanted.

I just think we should also stay hopeful when the road gets tough too.

Maybe if we can learn to do that we will resort to pointing the finger less.

Let’s not just be accountable for the celebratory moments but also for the ones that test our resolve.

In this new feeling moment let’s also promise to see our course through with courage and honor if the road gets tough.

Let’s work and carry ourselves on the back of our virtues so that we don’t need to look for new, rather, we need only to rely on our resilience and our determination.

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