One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming other people think like you.

They don’t.

You are going to internalize, understand, and take action much differently from someone else.

You ARE going to struggle to understand when someone does something you find illogical or wrong.

Here is the truth: we are really not wired to adapt quickly, but we are wired to adapt.

Here is how adaption works:

First, you have to be so interested in this other persons opinions and thoughts that you will be willing to adapt how you currently communicate.

We make a mistake sometimes when think we will ever adapt our thinking to better understand a person we don’t really care about.

If you do not really care about this other person completely, you will not adapt your process for processing and communicating for them.

Second, you have to be willing to turn off your old habits, maladaptive coping behaviors, and defensiveness when someone triggers you, in order to understand and acknowledge this other person’s request of you without taking it personally.

Third, and the most important. If this person is asking you to work on the way you think about something, you have to determine they are as high value of an individual as you are.

Standards matter, and you can’t compromise and change for people who are not at your awareness level or they will bring you down.

Don’t settle by spending your time on people that will not pour back into you in a positive way.

Pour into people who understand your value completely. They are the ones worth adapting for.


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