You can look at some people, make eye contact, and an immediate connection is felt.

3 seconds can transfer an understanding that words will not confirm for months.

There is so much information to gather in the space between people who are not talking.

It happens in romantic connections and in friendships.

An understanding starts to form before much else even needs to happens when two people meet when their energy is synced.

You can’t explain it after it happens because there was nothing to see, but a feeling existed somewhere in the space between you.

That is energy.

Our chemistry with people is just the way we are directing our energy and having it received.

Sometimes we mix well and sometimes we don’t.

Good vibes. Bad vibes. Vibes that last and vibes that don’t.

It is all energy being transmitted from our higher source selves which represents your cumulative vibration. It is then the perception of your energy by another person’s energy field that makes the connection draw you either closer or not.

We seek out energies that soothe what our internal energy is projecting.

The problem with this is sometimes the energy we like is the same energy that can poison us if it comes from a painful or hurt place that has yet to be healed.

Your energy is directly relational to your awareness, so understand, the people you are attracting with your energy, and the need they are supposed to be filling, is a matter of understanding your current place of awareness and processing how you got there.

Some people were deeply hurt by the avoidance of their parents, and then wonder why they keep attracting partners who can never give them the attention they need to be deeply fulfilled.

Some people have been through serious manipulation and gaslighting from their experiences, and then don’t understand why narcissistic partners keep showing up in their lives.

It’s energy. Resolved, healthy, unhealthy, it does not matter. The source of what you attract comes from your energy.

Words are not necessary with energy. You can beat around the bush all you want and confuse things with words but deep down two people can be fully aware that something else is going on on a much higher plane of reality with between each other.

We are connected. As a species when one of us puts off a pheromone that the other is attracted to we feel the magnetic pull in a mutual way without words-and is unconcerned with other variables like your personal bias, morals, and ethics. Energy makes the rules.

We meet people who have strong energy and some with weaker energy. We can mix all kinds of ways with people if we unburden our selves with who is supposed to connect with who.

We have diversity down to our spirits that is there waiting to be experienced for the greater good of all of us and our ability to love and connect with each other depends on us not being so ridged and scared of each other and judgmental exterior opinions.

The goal is to get yourself in a place where your true energy can speak from a whole place and not feel shame for who you once were, are, and are becoming. Once you liberate control over your energy, great people start showing up and amazing experiences can change the course of your life.

Energy isn’t just something that we can feel and not explain.

Energy is everything that you are and it is the reason for the people in your life being there. Everything is a result of energy.

Also keep in mind that energy can change but it never lies. Just put attention.

Start asking yourself how different people’s energy makes you feel.

Do you feel better after being with them or worse?

We complicate so much with words that it is a good idea to get in tune with your own energy, and then depend on it to guide you.


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