Healing and growth come from acknowledgement and acceptance.

It does not come from neglecting, compartmentalizing, abandoning, or avoiding the parts of yourself that you do not like to experience.

Your feelings are there to alert you of what is going on with you, the objective is to acknowledge them as true and also, as passing things that are not permanent states of being.

Growth is less about cultivating self-confidence than it is about enacting self-compassion.

Acknowledging emotional pain, and then letting go of the shame, blame, and guilt involved.

You are not perfect and are not designed to be and you never will be. There is no arrival at “perfect” because there is no such thing.

If you allow yourself some grace, the pressure lifts enough for your self-esteem to resurface right alongside feelings of hope.

But when you stifle the painful parts of the journey, and don’t come to terms with it, process it, and deal with it, confidence will never come.

Have you danced with the pain in your past?

What about any current pain?

Have you embraced it’s significance?

Have you given your pain any credit for your resilience?

So many of us avoid pain and discomfort out of an instinctual fear.

The problem is, your pain, your past, and your story can never become a superpower if you continue to consider it kryptonite-something you avoid at all costs.

There is power in pain. pain is not there to restrict, it is there to inform. Once informed, you get to decide how you use it.

You cannot control the pain that will come in life always, but you always can control what you do with it after you experience it.

Most notably, contained within the sentiments of pain are the building blocks of eminence strength.

At the root of your pain is also your freedom but you have to be strong enough to be vulnerable and dance with it.

#stikeamatch #ownit

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