If you’re an established enterprise looking to increase your marketshare, create or strengthen your pipeline, establish yourself in new markets and/or establish additional resources, we can help!

You may feel that you are in the middle of a changing marketplace or need a new perspective to provide your infrastructure the fuel to move to the next plateau in your company’s evolution.

Industries We Serve

Business Services (e.g. Human Resources, Payroll Companies, etc.)

Professional Services (e.g. Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance and Consulting)

Professional Practices (e.g. Certified Public Accountants, Law Firms, etc.)

Consulting Firms (e.g. Risk Management Consulting)

Financial Service Firms (e.g. Property / Casualty Insurance)

How We Can Help

Unlike other sales consultants, we integrate our offerings into our client’s corporate culture and available resources.

  • Business development and strategy plans
  • Back office development
  • Analyze multiple tiers of an organization or specific functions
  • Appraising functional groupings and other organizational arrangements
  • Assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • Evaluating alternatives, including decentralization or centralization of key services
  • Proposing the most effective structure and staffing requirements
  • Environmental scans
  • Structuring of strategic initiatives to achieve goals and objectives
  • Contingency / disaster recovery plans
  • Team building and coaching
  • Employee communication programs


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