The Connective Dialoguing class and direction is truly invaluable. As an agent with a BIS in Communication from Arizona State University, I get more out of my ongoing discussion’s with Alex than I ever received in college. Our business is built on how we effectively communicate with all parties involved in a transaction. But we cannot effectively communicate without a gameplay of getting to the core of the issue(s).

Countless times I have gone back to the Connective Dialoguing principals of breaking down a situation from the perspective of the party on the other side of the table. What is their motivation? What do they want? What do they need? How can I best perform my duties as a Realtor organizing these items and moving the discussion or transaction forward?

Alex has kept me on track well after our discussion’s and her class have ended. In a way, I will always be a student of her’s as my business and professional growth move forward. Whether it is a 10 minute discussion driven by a single question or an hour long meeting to bring myself back to square one, she is quick to give her guidance and build a positive action plan uniquely tailored to me and the way I do business. There is no single right answer or thought process for the numerous situation’s we encounter day to day. And Alex’s best quality is her ability to think on her toes and help guide me through any discrepancy I might encounter.

Matt | Raleigh, NC

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