Is anyone up for playing outside of the now? 
Patience is not trending.
Logic is not trending.
Branding is not trending.
Attention is a phantom and he is too fast to catch unless you are Christine-and this is not the opera.
Entitlement is trending. 
Quick-fast-now is trending.
Swipe to the left is trending.
Shopping for socks and love all happens in the same thumb thumping activity.
Relationships take time.
Payoffs take time and you are owed nothing for giving a blasé effort.
Lazy is so unattractive to bosses.
Lazy is so unattractive to long game players. 
The faster and more reckless people drive the more I feel sure I have already won.
Are you on a path to winning?
Is everyone saying decent things about you? 
Are you willing to grind and work hard for free until you hear a yes? 
95% of people are not playing the long game. 
This is for the 5% who are. 
Thank you. 
The cards will deal fairly.
Only short numbers will be given to all of the short comers.
Get in the long game.
There is plenty of room and in this game, we bring each other up.
 #thougtsbecomethings #houseofhustle #strikeamatch

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