Is that not the first thing we think of when we have just gotten through one “roadblock” situation only to immediately find another “road closed” situation?

We want there to be this grace period where things just coast for long enough to catch our breath.

We want to celebrate that we overcame our last obstacle before knowing we must face another…

Yet how seldom we get the chance to revel in the tranquility of nothing going on.

No, there is rarely nothing going on.

Because “it is always something”.

Maybe we should look at things differently.

What if life was the opposite?

What if the more common saying was: “it is never anything”

If life was a series of nothing ever happening to us would that be better?

Would you trade endless days of “never anything” happening for the people and responsibilities in your life that cause the “it’s always something”?

Here is what I mean…

If your husband or wife is always asking you to help them with yet another project, would you prefer not have them in your life in order to ensure you never have another project to do?

It forces you to think about the source of these “always something”.

The source, in this case, is that most of us would never trade the love of our spouse just to avoid the “its always something” complaint.


When we force ourselves to think from that perspective we would welcome the very somethings that drive us crazy.

Keep the roadblocks coming if they mean that we are not alone.

Keep the roadblocks coming if it means we are alive enough to experience this “always something” at the side of that person.


If the “always something” situation is frequent because we have kids that demand a lot of our attention and energy…

Does that mean you would give them up?

No, you would walk through fire for them even when you are at the peak of your frustration.

So they are worth all the rapid-fire battery of “it’s always something’s” that the world could ever throw at you.

Your art.

Your Job.

Your passion.

When those three things are what you get to do every day, it is worth the pain.

When you really think about the things and people that cause most of your “it is always something” complaints…

They turn into the very things that are also at the top of your gratitude list.

Maybe, in a way, it is better to hope for more “something”.

#strikeamatch #onyou #ownit

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