Never take it literally when a kind person says: “no need to thank me, it is my job” or “It was my pleasure”.

If a person does something thoughtful or something that helps you, acknowledge them.

They should hear your gratitude from time to time.

This sentiment of letting your What being known should include all of the people in your life.

Your spouse, boss, co-worker, clients, neighbor, and anyone making a positive impact on your life.

Everyone needs to hear out loud that you appreciate his or her efforts.

Especially when that effort is on your behalf.

Even if their effort is a socially accepted duty as a participating member of your family.

Even if it is your co- workers job to support you.

You should still go out of your way and expel energy to embody an attitude of gratitude.


  1. Gratitude is an attractive quality to possess. 

Remember this: Even the people who like you like to like you. We are social creatures but our hard wiring is to look out for number one and that sentiment within us is thousands of years old. Our behavior has changed over the years but our nature has hardly changed at all. We are vulnerable to the environment around us and so our number one priority is self preservation. It is inherited through our physical structure and is as pre-existing as our DNA. It is because of our self conscious nature that we make every decision. That being said, of course we selfishly like people who display humility.

  2.  Gratitude and trust walk hand in hand.

To be successful, you will need to be trustworthy. Showing gratitude upfront before earning trust through any other action is the best way to barter for a chance to prove yourself. For example; all any of us really need is an opportunity. If you are given an opportunity to prove yourself and you come through on your word, the odds are already disproportionately in your favor to have a long term paid opportunity. You may have to work for free on the first project. You may have to struggle to make it for a while. However, if you can stand it, you will be pleased with the results.

What most will not do, you must do.

Math is almost always the answer to most emotional intelligence questions. It is simple. If 100 people say they are going to do even the most basic task, for free, for someone else’s benefit, 10 people may actually do it (note* it doesn’t matter if 75 people actually do it…stay with me). If 30 people say they will do a relatively hard task, for free, for someone else’s benefit maybe three will do it and only one will impress you. What does this mean? It means the harder something is to do the fewer people there will be willing to do the work and even fewer for the immediate monetary value of zero dollars. This means the math is dramatically in your favor to be the one. All you have to do is to decide you are the one and to put immediate payoff completely out of you mind. It will take emotional grit to overcome your own narrative about what you are worth. Your best work is priceless if you are the best however first you need other people to know it. The only way for people to truly understand something is to go through it. People have to experience you keeping your word before they will believe you.

The math says so.

The hard part of most things is your mindset. Go in grateful for an opportunity. Blow the socks off the person who paid you upfront in the form of trust and unless something has changed about human nature since yesterday-you will get another opportunity. You must then take that opportunity both quickly and enthusiastically and do what is required of you without asking what the payoff will be. Just do it.

You are living through the greatest era in American history to start something on your own terms, pay nothing other than attention and time in order to get noticed and be in the black in the macro of your business by just understanding doing work for free upfront is the cheapest investment opportunity with the most unbelievably high returns ever. Word travels faster than ever-It’s called the internet. The internet Is word of mouth. The internet can provide the exact same context you need to begin a relationship as taking a client out for a steak dinner was in the 80’s and 90’s.

It may be the responsibility of many people to support us over the course of our lives but how many individuals really come through for us?

Who are the people who have been there for you consistently and come to your rescue without complaining or getting tired of supporting you.

How many people do you have?

Most of us do not have many people like this in our lives.

So acknowledge those who put up and show up for you.

Become the person that puts up and shows up.

Show effort and respect.

Acknowledge them because they are a rarity and important to you.

People willing to go out and show they can be trustworthy before expecting anything in return are rare.

Effort cannot sustain itself without positive reinforcement.

Not forever…

Keep giving them reasons why they should continue to trust you and the money will come.

It does not cost anything to give gratitude and try.

“For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”-Matthew 25:29


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