About 18 months ago I did something I won’t do again. I decided to change my process for planning. I started using Slack to automate my organization. Here was the problem-my process wasn’t broken. Yet, I felt I had to fix “it” to stay on trend. I have never stayed on “trend” with anything. I am more of a Buffettologist by nature. I only see a reason to go with a trend if it actually is necessary. So what happened with the decision to change my process? Did the marketing for the Slack platform really work on me? I sat back and put my marketer hat on. From a macro view, Marketers are getting pushy again. This happens when the consumer attention starts to get more expensive in the marketplace. Eventually if the marketplace gets too pushy then the consumer will put their attention somewhere that isn’t as crowded or spammy. But for now, social media advertising has our attention and we are still paying attention. It forces marketers to try harder to make the promise of something perfect outweigh the current good enough. I felt I should change when I should have thought about it instead. Perfect is never the answer over good enough. It bottle necks efficiency. It is a human desire and not a requirement for business. If your good enough is better than what other people brag about being perfect then whatever you do don’t spend any more time on perfecting the thing you already to better than everyone else. Focus your attention on something else…literally anything else is a better use of time.

Here are things to do instead of perfecting the thing you all ready do good enough:

  1. Tell more people about what you do.
  2. Ship more of your product.
  3. Deliver more of your service
  4. Do what you do for people who have more money to spend on you.

Lesson: Change is only necessary when it needs to happen. We are living through a time where we will see many things change. It is good to be ready to change when you have too. It is even more important to know when not to change something. The person who can make wise decisions about change will always be good for the company they work for. The first thing I put at the top of my agenda now is- “Don’t make perfect the enemy of good enough.” #todolist #organizationalpsychology #organizationdevelopment#lists #marketers #attention #agenda #goodenough #mentor #fix

Here is a great post on the topic  “To Do Lists” By Olivia Goldhill


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