You are not going to go from having serious mental health challenges for years, learn some new ways of thinking for a few days, and then all of a sudden wake up in a healthy happy sustainable place.

We have to get real with each other about what the actual process of growth feels like and looks like

Healing and growth looks like only thinking about getting 1% in control of your ability to think from a different perspective each day.

A tiny change.

A small challenge to your regularly scheduled worrying, substituted with something to keep you present.

It is you working on having one thought that you are able to catch in the moment as harmful, stop it by catching it, and choosing another more re-affirming one.

If even one internal moment of your day is something you were able to change to shift your mindset to something different, then you have done all you need to be doing inside yourself.

Healing is this over and over and over.

Healing is this inner work supported by a support system of people who care for you and attending therapy.

One moment at a time, shifting your thinking, awareness, and skills slowly like this in such a way that you do not put too much pressure on yourself.

Nature moves at less than 1% a day in its growth so why wouldn’t we?

Does a new tree triple in height in 5 days? No.

Nothing in nature moves as fast as we want our own personal growth to go.

It is our expectations of getting happier and healthier that are crippling us from healing our programming that has hindered us.

This process is not one day at a time, it is in one moment in time where you are able to do something different.



Until you live like this and growth becomes your nature.

Not fear.

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