The world is not going to be kind and patient with us.

We have to provide those things to ourselves.

We have to create relationships with people who make us feel safe.

We have to set boundaries with people who don’t make us feel safe.

Boundaries that set the expectation that either people will meet you where your standards of self are, or they are not a part of your space and energy.

Not out of vitriol and not with violence, but from a place of love, boundaries go up out of your love for yourself and quality of life.

Not everything is black and white, but boundaries are. When you know better about what you deserve, knowing better eventually influences you to leave some things and people alone.

Because when you continue self-sabotaging after discovering you know better, it will begin to make you emotionally and physically uncomfortable and even sick, until you rise up and shift your behavior to match your new core beliefs about yourself and life.

You start to itch for your surroundings to evolve.

Many of us are learning how to be secure people in adulthood which means that for the first time, we are figuring out what it looks like to have a stable and balanced relationship with ourselves and others without repeating old narratives that haven’t served us.

Many of us have spent time focusing on staying safe rather than being authentic to who we are and you may find it to be a panicked feeling.

Something has to give when something needs to change.

Everything around us naturally changes and we somehow are disillusioned enough by fear to think that we can somehow find a permanent state of contentment, but that’s not life.

As you experience and learn and suffer, you change. You are a living, learning creation that can adapt and make decisions that keep you in a space of love, light, and growth.

It is fear that keeps us resisting what is in our nature because feeling safe is more important than taking care of true self sometimes.

It’s not enough is the problem.

Fear will never be enough to get you to the finish line you seek. Fear doesn’t allow for enough movement to get you anywhere really.

Love is a choice and it requires you to be authentic, resilient, and brave.


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