A belief without action is not visibly seen or physically felt by the outside world.

It is the cognitive joining of information available as it relates to your story.

That is how a belief system is formed.

The belief system then becomes the filter that all information passes through.


And with that filter in place- a thought process born.


A thought process acts like an assembly line for new ideas…

Our actions are the physical products that are produced by this assembly line.

In business, these thoughts about what we should do reflect in the actions we make.


Those are the mechanics and the basis for every move we make.

Every action we make corresponds to the idea that came before the action.


This is why you have to really try not to second guess your potential.


Do not sabotage your good ideas with self doubt.

Know the difference between taking caution and quitting because of fear.


Doubt is the kind of thought that stifles your best work.

It stifles your best work because doubt creates non-action.

Clouding your judgement with emotion.

Emotion has the power to bend a person’s rational until it is unrecognizable if it is encouraged.

The positive reinforcement that doubt feeds on is fear.

The only way to stop fear is through a shift in cognition.

A conscious choice to redefine fear.

To understand that fear is necessary and not something to always avoid.

It lets you know a change is possible if you are willing to stand up to it.

It is wonderful to be human.

But sometimes we out feel ourselves.


So stand up.

Bet on yourself.

Bet on your ideas.

Set your ideas into motion by making them goals.

Think about them.


Take action.

One foot, then the other.


It all starts with one thought.

I am not afraid to try harder.

A machine only has programmable logic.

Channel your inner machine when it is time to be brave.

Dig deep.

You can do it.


Thoughts become things.




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